Nahin Khan


2023-2025 ETH Zurich

2016-2021 Carnegie Mellon University

Work Experience

Jan 2022 - Aug 2023 Research Assistant, Qatar Computing Research Institute

Oct 2021 - Jan 2022 Full Stack Developer, sKora

Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 Backend Engineer, sKora, Intern

Aug - Dec 2019 Parallel Data Structures and Algorithms Teaching Assistant, CMU Pittsburgh

Jan - May 2020 Ballroom Dancing Instructor, Carnegie Mellon University Qatar



Technologies / Environment

Machine Learning

Open Source Contributions

May 2023 CMplot

Apr 2023 langchain

Apr 2023 alpaca.cpp

May 2022 Tensorflow

Mar 2022 Mephisto

Mar 2022 atomium

Feb 2022 cs228-notes

Aug 2021 nginx-proxy

Aug 2021 ukemi

Aug 2021 bedtools2

Jul 2021 Docker Docs

Jul 2021 celery

June 2021 Python Packaging User Guide (pypa)

May 2021 Missing Semester

May 2021 TLDR

Awards and Honors

Oct 2019 Andrew Carnegie Scholar and Qatar Campus Scholar, Awardee

May 2019 Fifth Year Scholar, Awardee

2017-2020 Qatar Foundation Scholarship, Recipient

Research Experience

Apr - Aug 2023 Genome-wide association study for ECG traits, QCRI

Nov 2022 - Apr 2023 Improving Polygenic Risk Scores, QCRI

June - Nov 2022 Multiomics Project, Center for Precision Health and Medicine, QCRI

Feb - Sept 2022 Antibody Project, Qatar Center for AI, Research Assistant

Jan - June 2020 Honors Thesis: A Bioinformatics Tool for Exploring RNA-Protein Interactions

April - Oct 2019 Genetically Engineered Machine Competition, Boston, Team Bioinformatician

June - Aug 2017 Woolford Lab, Mellon College of Science, Pittsburgh, USA, Research Intern

Aug - May 2017 Phage Genomics Research Course, Carnegie Mellon University


Dec 2023 Link Prediction on Knowledge Graphs

Dec 2023 Reinforcement Learning on a Pendulum

Nov 2023 Bayesian Optimization

Nov 2023 Approximate Bayesian Inference in Deep Neural Networks

Oct 2023 Weather prediction with uncertainty estimates

Oct 2023 Custom Message Passing Layers in GNN

March 2021 Mini BitTorrent

Feb 2021 HTTP 1.1 Compliant Server

May 2021 Question and Answer Model

Nov 2020 Mailpile: Open-source Contribution

Oct 2020 Dynamic Memory Allocator

Nov 2020 Automated Theorem Prover

Nov 2016 Python Chess A.I.